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  • Project Warlock: Magic Wolfenstein

    Project Warlock: Magic Wolfenstein

    Developer: Buckshot Software Genre: Retro First Person Shooter MSRB (At time of publishing): $12 Platform: PC Game Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/893680/Project_Warlock/ If i had a dollar for every time someone compared Project Warlock to Wolfenstein 3D I’d have enough to help John Carmack fund whatever new VR headset he’s pouring his psychic Carmack magic into. I completely…

  • 198X: Small town and even Smaller story

    198X: Small town and even Smaller story

    I feel as if I have the opposite of a Midas touch, as in every story based game I’ve played recently has ended up disappointing me. I was really looking forward to 198x, with its fantastic trailer and beautiful 80’s styling. I hoped it might make for a compelling, emotional drama that many people, myself…

  • Space Crew Review

    Space Crew Review

    One of my favorite real time strategy games on Steam, oddly enough, was a WWII bomber simulator called Bomber Crew. It was centered around logistics and planning, rather than real time dogfighting, and emphasized strategic use of abilities each crewmember had, from gunners, to radiomen, to engineers. It was all put together very well, and…