• Knights of Pen and Paper 2:

    Knights of Pen and Paper 2:

    Intro: In the days of constant internet connection one often longs for the old days, wehre groups of people could sit down over a wooden table, and roll dice and talk about dragons while two people are on their phones and another one is busy drawing their character. No, im not talking about the days […]

  • Battletech: of Mechs and Men

    Battletech: of Mechs and Men

    Name: Battletech Developer: Harebrained Schemes Genre: Turn Based/ RPG strategy MSRB( at time of writing): $39.99 Platform: Steam Game Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/637090/BATTLETECH/ Everbody has that one game genre that really hooks them, gets their attention and never lets go. For some its strategy/ social games like League of Legends, or multiplayer focused comeptitions like Overwatch and CSGO. For […]