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  • Salt and Sanctuary: Would you like Salt with your tears?

    Salt and Sanctuary: Would you like Salt with your tears?

    It’s good these days to be a Dark soul’s fan, what with the recent rerelease of Demon Soul’s, a game that was feared lost to the void of copyright law, and the ever so encouraging prospect of Bloodborne 2 being a possibility. It’s good that these types of difficult games are coming back into the […]

  • Good Job: Another chair through the wall

    In these trying times, I feel as if we need to inject some fun in our lives, whether it be through positive mediums like hiking, fishing, surfing, etc. or through less helpful mediums like binge-watching Gotham or challenging yourself to drink a 12 pack of Redbull at four in the morning. While there are good […]

  • 198X: Small town and even Smaller story

    198X: Small town and even Smaller story

    I feel as if I have the opposite of a Midas touch, as in every story based game I’ve played recently has ended up disappointing me. I was really looking forward to 198x, with its fantastic trailer and beautiful 80’s styling. I hoped it might make for a compelling, emotional drama that many people, myself […]

  • Firewatch


    I’ve been playing a lot of combat focused action games these past few weeks, and I’ve been craving something that really gets you in the feels, so I turned to a darkness, a deep force that no man can penetrate, the depths of which few have managed to come back from with their insanity intact: […]

  • Hellsign: Come Hell or High Water

    Hellsign: Come Hell or High Water

    If you ask me what my dream job would be it’d be a monster hunter in a heartbeat. I’ve long been fascinated with monsters and cryptozoology. Sadly, I’m often dissatisfied with monster hunting games on the market. Monster Hunter World just wasn’t my cup of pterodactyl flavored tea, and the Witcher series is decent enough, […]

  • Space Crew Review

    Space Crew Review

    One of my favorite real time strategy games on Steam, oddly enough, was a WWII bomber simulator called Bomber Crew. It was centered around logistics and planning, rather than real time dogfighting, and emphasized strategic use of abilities each crewmember had, from gunners, to radiomen, to engineers. It was all put together very well, and […]

  • Dead End Road

    Dead End Road

    Roguelike games have been a staple of the indie game genre for a good decade or so, at least as long as I’ve been playing them. Given the fact that everything conceivable genre has had a shot at it, be it fantasy, sci fi, turn based, zombies, shooters, etc. its surprising that we don’t see […]

  • Space Haven: Home Away From Home

    Space Haven: Home Away From Home

    While the idea of building a space colony hasn’t been trod upon quite as much from other genres, such as roguelikes or old school fps, it still is a popular genre that anybody who wants to break into needs to set themselves apart from, be it interesting new gameplay styles that are the invert of […]

  • Skirmish Line

    Skirmish Line

    The days of old school Flash Games are coming to an end, sadly. Long ago, places like Newgrounds, Addicting Games .com, and of course Miniclip, ruled the landscape as a free, easy way of playing different genres of games. I remember playing my first violent video game on Addicting games: the Thing-Thing. Unfortunately, those days […]

  • Assassins Creed Unity: The Fall of a Titan

    Assassins Creed Unity: The Fall of a Titan

    With the recent trough of Ubisoft sandboxes such as Watchdogs Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, I’m feeling the same tiredness towards sandbox games. Not all are necessarily bad per se, but they do tend to lack variety despite many of their games covering vastly different genres. The Ubisoft Sandbox is a pillar of the game […]