Dead Space Remakes Price Jump on Console

The much beloved horror shooter Dead Space is getting a gorgeous looking remake, with enhanced textures and new lighting effects. However, a remarkably high price bump has left fans more than a little upset

$10 Extra For a Decade Old Game

Dead Space is a legendary title, noted for its unique artstyle, and gruesome, limb based gameplay. The game spawned three main titles, a generic animated movie, a surprisingly decent Wii game, and several books.
With the last entry in the series being the tepid Dead Space 3, fans have been clamoring for a chance to revisit the horrifying world of Isaac Clarke, engineer extraordinaire.
It comes as no surprise that the news of a remake ignited a passion from fans, but it seems the hype train has put on the brakes to make a quick stop in Controversy Central.
On the console page for the game, the remake is being priced at $69.99, to the frustration of many. The idea of paying full price plus a premium for the remake of a decade old niche horror game is made all the worse considering the price hike is only on console. The Steam page has the game set at a regular $59.99, giving PC players even more chance to post smug memes on Reddit.

At the time of writing there is no exact reason given for the price hike.

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