Robo Recall: Shame it isn’t free

Name: Robo Recall

Developer: Epic Games

Genre: First Person VR shooter

MSRP( at time of writing): $29.99

Platform: Oculus Quest( 1&2) Oculus Rift, HTC Vive( with mods)

Game Link:

Like many people when they first got their Oculus Quest 2, I immediately picked up Robo Recall. It was both the first game I saw on the console, and the first i played

I booted it up, got into the game, and began playing. 

I had fun, throwing robots off cliffs, firing on a multitude of different robots, and generally being impressed with the game… For all of the three hours it lasted.

The Good

Robo Recall comes from the famous Epic Games, and was their last project before releasing Fortnite and becoming the patron saint of Twitch thots for all eternity. The general story revolves around a company agent assigned to hunt down rogue robots built by an Amazon-esque company. So like all VR games currently reviewed by me, it puts roughly the same amount of time into crafting an intricate story as a World of Warcraft player does into his personal hygiene. 

But that doesn’t matter, as long as the core game is fun which it is, thankfully. Youre thrown onto the open streets, fighting waves of robots with various weapons. It’s simple but fun, as you teleport around, hitting the robots in vital weak points or just ripping them in half Gorn style. During a fight you can grab enemies’ bullets and throw them back at them for huge damage, as well as throw the robots into the line of fire as a shield. You gain points and complete challenges to unlock modifications for your weapons, and do it all again. 

t’s all backed up by great sound design, good artstyle, and a snarky sense of humor that admittedly gets somewhat repetitive hearing the same “Robot heaven.. I SEE ITTT” over and over again for the fiftieth time that level.

The Bad

So some solid gameplay and sound, shame that the game is so short.

I played this game on and off over the course of about two days and burned through all the levels in about three hours total. The ending totally kicked me in the head, as it shocked me the game was over so soon. 

Short games aren’t a problem per se, but I do have an issue with the games pricing. If you looked at the MSRP at the beginning of this review, you’d know the game is being sold for $30.

That’s overpriced, no matter the quality of the game. 

From a bit of digging I saw it used to be free, before deciding to charge people. I believe it should have stayed that way. In its current state there are a total of nine missions, all lasting about ten to fifteen minutes.


So as a result, I can’t recommend this game at full price, especially with no mod support on the Quest. If it goes on sale for $15 or even $20 it’s a good pick. However, I do not condone buying it full price, unless the game is updated with more features

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