SCP Strategy: A Hopeful Investment

I don’t think that I have to explain what the SCP foundation is to anyone with even a passing interest in horror. To sum it up, the SCP Foundation is an online site roleplaying as a secret organization called the SCP Foundation, which stands for their motto: Secure Contain Protect. It’s based around made up documents that describe a monster, why it’s contained, what the containment procedures are. Usually it adds things like the history of said monster, and field reports from special units dispatched to deal with them. It’s a fantastic site that I’ve clocked in at least a few hundred hours. When it comes to the games however, there isn’t much, aside from a few basic first person horror games. So imagine my surprise when i browsed Steam a few days ago and discovered a game title SCP Strategy, on sale for the low cost of five dollars. It was an easy sell, and i snatched it up on the spot.

Before I get into the basics i should clarify that this sort of game is not a full, finished product. Rather, think of it more as an investment. It is extremely limited and simplistic. However, it is in Early Access and the devs seem to be responding to the community with great enthusiasm, so i feel comfortable recommending the game as is.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, lets dig into what the game has in store. The game is a realtime strategy, with minor base building where you send special forces to a country to investigate anomalies. You then perform a search, have the scientists research it, and get money to do it all over again. Theres no combat, building containment facilities, or even areal goal other than to mindlessly get more and more resources. It’s quite repetitive and mundane in all honesty. However, it does a great job at the little it presents. The menus are smooth, the graphics themselves look decent, and it’s very obviously made with care yet a lack of current funds.

Overall, If your the type of person to want to risk a bit of money and buy a game to see as it grows and develops, then I’d recommend checking it out.

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